Balding, thinning? Watch this! Herbal hair treatment works!

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Herbal treatments for balding or thinning hair. Benedict Palermi, from Brooklyn, NY, and now from Honolulu, Hawaii has been a hair stylist for 25 years. He’s treating baldness and thinning hair with an herbal concoction that really works. That’s why I am putting him out there, my own testament to his fabulous and effective work. this TV news segment, MIXED PLATE, with Pamela Young of KITV shows Benedict and his treatments. Stephanie Castillo at olenamedia dot com. I was desperate, contemplating wigs, extensions, you name it! This man is an answer to my prayers, to my thinning head. Pass the word, I am telling everyone! Seen DUPLICITY the movie? It’s about a cure for balding. Benedict’s the real deal, and a nice guy too. His salon in Honolulu — His treatments are 4 herbal treatments, then every five weeks, plus home care — brushing twice a day, shampooing everyday with his shampoo, an exfoliating liquid applied to your scalp twice a day (after morning shampoo, and at night after brushing with a boars bristle brush. His products are safe, and effective. He has not been cloned yet; only in Honolulu Lucky us! Let your balding and thinning friend know. The video says it all.

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